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Our Story


Once upon a time there was a man named Daniel Bard. He had a 30-year career, a passion for client satisfaction and an ever-evolving creative spirit. He was a bold entrepreneur, committed to creating a flexible, effective and transparent business model for group insurance advisors, to help them realize significant savings for their clients. He would become the founder of Medic Solutions.

On August 8, 2012, Mr. Bard came up with the idea of starting his own company. The date itself inspired the Medic Solutions logo, which features the infinity symbol – resembling the number 8 turned on its side. That symbol encapsulates the entire company philosophy. It says that Medic Solutions sees no limits to its creativity, and no end to the solutions it can offer.

Today, the team is guided by a shared mission: to optimize group insurance costs by providing wise counsel and innovative solutions adapted to today’s realities. To build plans that target the issues that matter most to organizations and plan participants.


As our name suggests, our company is focused on solutions. Our innovative and creative solutions help organizations take control of their group insurance plans, leading to lower costs throughout the management, administration and adjudication processes, while optimizing self-service and mobility for participants. We also offer considered advice on cutting-edge products and the coverages that serve each client’s current needs.


The Medic Solutions mission is to drive the evolution of group insurance with customized turnkey services for organizations seeking more efficient and economical administration of their group insurance plan, with fair insured value.


To be the Quebec leader in group insurance and health management, helping the client organizations of our broker clients establish group insurance and health plans designed to address the issues unique to each organization.


Treating our customers, colleagues and business partners with respect is essential at Medic Solutions, as well as behaving courteously and discreetly in the performance of our duties in order to provide proactive, empathetic and efficient customer service.

Teamwork is essential to implementing our business strategies. Each team member brings their own particular expertise and experience. Cooperation, knowledge sharing, recognition of individual contributions: we always strive to enrich the relationships among our team members.

Transparency is essential to building trust-based relationships with our clients, as well a within our organization. That means we communicate clearly, providing high-quality, complete, fair and accessible information within applicable legal and regulatory boundaries. It also means we take full responsibility for the content of our communications.

Innovation implies taking nothing for granted. Our commitment to taking the initiative means
that we are always pushing the envelope. Continuous improvement guides our actions, stimulates our
creativity and keeps us competitive

Our partner advisors are proactive and competent. They are overseen by experts who can evaluate, plan and implement your group insurance plan in a way that boosts your operational efficiency. From the first call, we’re here to find solutions.


Your solution is us

Why look elsewhere for what you can have right here? At Medic Solutions, we offer a unique, complete, reliable and
economical system for managing group insurance plans, with fair insured value. This unique system is paired with a
health strategy with tangible positive impacts for organizations and participants.


Meet our Management Team

Who is our president, and who has he enlisted to help Medic Solutions grow? Day in and day out, they give their all and keep each other motivated.

Daniel Bard

Group Insurance and Annuity Plans Advisor

Cheerful, warm, accessible: Daniel always takes the time to say hello to his team members and have a brief chat. With a strong handshake and self-assured gaze, he inspires confidence in clients. His philosophy of work is to find the best solutions. His pleasure: to find the best wines to accompany the dishes he cooks in his spare time. He’s an epicurean, and a man who loves a challenge.

Manon Fraser, B.A.A., A.V.C.

General Manager
Group Insurance and Pension Plans Advisor

Manon has been working in the insurance and financial services sector for nearly 30 years. She has proudly contributed to the success of several initiatives for large insurance companies and firms. She is inquisitive by nature, and always looking to improve herself; she commits fully to everything she takes on. Determined, dynamic and deeply conscious of her responsibilities, she consistently shows empathy and attentiveness. She is a manager driven by teamwork, who also has a passion for nature, cross-country skiing and cycling – activities that she puts as much energy into as she does her business goals.

Giuseppina (Josie) Guerrera

Director, Client Accounts
Group Insurance Advisor

Josie has held several positions during her more than 25 years in the insurance industry. Each one has made a strong contribution to her passion for managing sales and client relationships. In the last 10 years, she has been a business development manager and account manager for major clients across Canada. A strong communicator and negotiator (in four languages: English, French, Italian and Spanish), Josie has a way with ideas and concepts. No one in the office can resist her Italian pastries.

Catherine Paquin

Director, Finance, Administration and Plan Administration

Catherine has worked in the treasury departments of financial institutions since she was fresh out of school. Today, she has more than 30 years of experience in finance. She brings a positive attitude, enthusiasm and a talent for numbers to our business. In her spare time, she’s an avid knitter, counting each stitch – some work habits can’t be turned off!

Our Partners


The Power of Networks

Beyond our exceptional products and services, Medic Solutions owes its success to its many colleagues, employees and partners. Together, they work to deliver impeccable services with passion, professionalism and attentiveness, helping the company shine.

Our partners



Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Do you want to be part of the new era in group insurance? You’re in the right place!

You’re important to us
As a dynamic young company, we are committed to growing with the people who have chosen us. That’s why our philosophy includes professional development, coaching, mentorship and sponsorship. Learn, improve, broaden your horizons – it’s stimulating!

Happy workplaces do exist
Work is a major presence in our lives. And because we only have one life, it’s better to choose a pleasant place to work, with an inspiring team, interesting challenges and accessible employers.

We might not save lives, but…
Here’s your chance to change the world of group insurance by making a daily contribution to our mission, focused on the health of Canadians. It’s no exaggeration to say it’s a mission that inspires a strong sense of pride and fulfilment.

Medic Solutions is looking for talented people like you to work on our innovative business model focused on group health. Be part of the change!

Send us an application : infos@medicsolutions.ca