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Our Story


Once upon a time, there was a man named Daniel Bard, whose passion for client satisfaction, creativity and commitment to finding solutions has spanned a 35-year career. A bold entrepreneur, he was determined to provide companies of all sizes with well-performing group insurance plans. His business strategy is based on a transparent, flexible and efficient business model that enables companies to take control of their plans and thereby generate substantial savings. Once upon a time, there was a man who founded Medic Solutions.

Daniel was inspired to launch his own company, on precisely August 8, 2012. This was also the very date that inspired the Medic Solutions logo: an infinity symbol, resembling a horizontal figure eight. In fact, the company’s entire philosophy can be traced back to this symbol. Medic Solutions is in constant innovation with no limitations or boundaries and no end to the solutions it can offer.

Today, we continue to be driven by a common mission: to optimize group insurance costs by providing sound advice and innovative solutions for today’s reality; designing plans that target the issues that matter most to organizations and plan members.


We are driven by client satisfaction. Our very purpose is defined by a commitment to making your life easier when it comes to selecting and managing your group insurance plan, and by our readiness and determination to meet the specific needs of our Partner Group Insurance Advisors and mutual clients. We take great pleasure in helping companies of all sizes reinvent themselves and establish new solutions to support a corporate culture centered on the wellness, satisfaction and retention of human assets.


The Medic Solutions mission is to drive the evolution of group insurance with customized turnkey services for organizations seeking more efficient and cost-effective administration of their group insurance plan, with fair insured value.


Be the leader in group insurance and health management in Quebec, helping the client organizations of our broker clients establish group insurance and health care plans specifically designed to address the issues unique to each organization.


Respect for our customers, colleagues and business partners is a must at Medic Solutions, as well as conducting ourselves in a courteous and discretionary manner while performing our duties, so as to provide proactive, empathetic and efficient customer service.

Teamwork is essential to implementing our business strategies. Each team member brings their own particular knowledge and experience to the table, enabling us to respond quickly and identify the best approaches to take. Cooperating, sharing knowledge, and recognizing one another’s contribution strengthens the relationships between team members, our broker partners and our shared clients.

Transparency is the cornerstone in our communications with our clients. This implies clearly and accurately conveying comprehensive, reliable information within the limits of existing laws and regulations.

Innovation implies taking nothing for granted. Our commitment to the spirit if innovation keeps us continuously pushing our limits. Ongoing improvement guides our actions, stimulates our creativity and is the main driver behind our competitiveness.


Your solution is us

Why look elsewhere for what is readily available right here? At Medic Solutions, we offer group insurance solutions suited to businesses of all sizes and tailored to today’s challenges. Whether you are looking for a partially self-insured plan, or a more traditional fully insured option, our team has one overriding mission: to provide you with sound advice to promote the wellness of your employees, while optimizing the cost-benefit value of your plan.

The Team

Meet our Management Team

Who is our president and what talents has he brought on board to help Medic Solutions grow? Day in and day out, they give their best and make sure everyone stays motivated.

Daniel Bard

Group Insurance and Annuity Plans Advisor

A cheerful, caring and approachable person, Daniel always takes the time to say hello to his team members and have a brief chat with everyone. With a strong handshake and self-assured gaze, he inspires confidence in clients. His motto at work: always seek the best solutions. His pleasure in life is to find the best wines to pair with the recipes he prepares in his spare time. Nothing short of an epicurean; a man of many challenges.

Manon Fraser, B.A.A., A.V.C.

General Manager
Group Insurance and Pension Plans Advisor

Manon has been active in the field of insurance and financial services for close to 30 years. She was a key contributor to the success of several initiatives with major insurance companies and practices. Curious by nature, she is constantly seeking to improve herself and becomes fully engaged in all her endeavours. Willing, dynamic and with a profound sense of responsibility, she has the ability to be empathetic and attentive to others. As a manager, she thrives on teamwork and has a great passion for the outdoors, as well as for cross-country skiing and biking, where she invests as much energy in climbing hills as she does in achieving her business goals.

Catherine Paquin

Director, Finance, Administration and Plan Administration

Simply put, Catherine has been working in the treasury department of financial institutions since she first left school. As a result, she has already spent more than 30 years in the financial sector! Now, she has brought her good nature, her enthusiasm and her talent for numbers to our business model. And guess what she does to relax? She counts the stitches while knitting. Occupational hazards, indeed.

Our Partners


Networking Power

Beyond our exceptional products and services, Medic Solutions owes its success to its many colleagues, employees and partners. Together, they work diligently to deliver an impeccable service with passion, professionalism and attentiveness; thus helping the company shine.



Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Want to take advantage of this new age in group insurance? You’re in the right place!

You’re important to us
As a young, dynamic company, we are committed to growing with the people who have chosen to join us. As such, continuing education, coaching and development, mentorships and sponsorships are an integral part of our philosophy. Learning, improving and broadening one’s horizons – how exciting!

Happy workplaces do exist
Work is a major part of our lives. Since we only get one, we might as well choose a great place to work, one with a motivating team, interesting challenges and friendly bosses.

We might not save lives, but…
Here’s your chance to make a difference in the world of group insurance by contributing every single day to our mission of keeping Canadians healthy. It’s gratifying and a source of pride, believe us.

Medic Solutions is looking for talented people like you to work with us on our innovative business model focused on group health. Be part of the change!

Send in your an application to: infos@medicsolutions.ca