Claims for Medical, Paramedical and Dental Care.

The reimbursement of your claims will be made directly to your bank account.
Before you do anything else, we advise you to sign up for direct deposit by going to the “Personal information” tab of your Insurance Portal or by completing the form that you will find in the form section of our website.

Two possible options:

Insurance Portal

Photograph or scan your original claim receipts with your digital device and submit your claim through your portal.

By mail

Send us your documents:

By mail: 3542 Concorde Blvd. East, suite 107, Laval, Quebec, H7E 4W1

Once your application has been processed, you will receive:

  • a reimbursement deposited directly into your bank account
  • a payment stub

Get a form :

In this section you will find the forms you need to change your banking information on file, change your address, designate a new beneficiary or declare a change in coverage.

Member section

Direct deposit

This form authorizes us to deposit your claims reimbursements directly into your bank account.


Email communication authorization

Complete this form to allow email communications.


Declaration of eligibility for a full-time student

Complete this form if you have a dependent who is now older than the normal age limit for dependent coverage.


Change of beneficiary

Complete this form to designate a beneficiary or replace the designated beneficiary.


Administrator section


This form is for enrolling a new participant in the employer’s plan.


Change of employee

Use this form to modify health and dental coverage, and to add or remove a covered person.


If you are not signed up for direct deposit

Please complete the direct deposit form and return it to us with a void cheque. Enclose these documents with your claim.

Medic Card Acess (Solution M)

This direct payment card allows you to purchase medicines from a pharmacy without having to pay the full amount. By presenting your direct payment card, you will only have to pay the non-covered portion of your eligible medications.